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100% Mulberry Silk
OEKO-certified No Chemicals
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Silk Lined Pillow

Washable Cotton Covered Silk Lined Pillow


US$ 260 ~ US$ 284

US$ 130 ~ US$ 142

  • 5
 ( 1 )
Silk Pillows

Silk Pillows With Silk Shell

US$ 195 ~ US$ 235

  • 4.89
 ( 28 )
Silk Pillows

Silk Filled Pillows

US$ 165 ~ US$ 215

  • 4.88
 ( 17 )
Silk Travel pillow

Silk Travel pillow

US$ 70 ~ US$ 130

  • 3.5
 ( 4 )

Online 100-percent high quality silk pillow are for sale with big discount. Our 100% pure and soft silk pillow is made with cotton shell, silk shell and jacquard shell which is filled with handmade soft pure silk floss. This silk pillow is supportive, breathable and very long lasting, a perfect complement to Lilysilk duvet. We only use 19 momme mulberry silk and 400 thread count cotton for our 100 top quality and perfect pillows.

Our silk filled pillows are naturally hypoallergenic, perfectly made for those who suffer from allergies, asthma and hay fever. Bring your skin and hair a natural protector.