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Online 100-percent pure and top quality silk sheets are on sale. silk duvet covers, silk fitted sheets, silk flat sheets and silk pillowcases are in your reach.

Our top-quality 400 thread count mulberry silk is enhanced by a timeless, stunning design that can match any bedroom decor. All Lily silk sheets are made of 100% pure long-strand 19 Momme mulberry silk which is naturally temperature managing, enjoyable and hypoallergenic - a genuine benefit to those with allergies.

Another popular product is A Grade long fibre Mulberry silk flat sheet, which is perfectly delicate with a refined sheen. Silk, unlike cotton or wool, does not absorb moisture from the hair or skin, assisting to keep hair glossy and skin silky that helps to prevent facial lines. Lilysilk silk fitted sheets end up with a 16" deep fitting. Elastic tie is sewn all over the border for the neat sizing. Sleeping with real silk sheets is not only healthy for your skin but also helps balance body temperature.

To complement silk lovers, we supply 2 styles of silk pillowcases, named Terse pillowcase and Oxford silk pillowcase.