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100% Grade 6A Mulberry Silk
OEKO-certified No Chemicals
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all season silk covered silk comforter

Model: 1101-02

18 Reviews
  • 4.83
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 Silk Comforter
     Silk Comforter Silk Comforter Silk Comforter Silk Comforter Silk Comforter Silk Comforter Silk Comforter

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Size : 
  • Twin(67"x87", Silk weight:1.25kg)
  • Full(76"x87", Silk weight:1.5kg)
  • Queen(87"x90", Silk weight:1.75kg)
  • King(104"x92", Silk weight:2.0kg)
  • Cal.King(110"x96", Silk weight:2.25kg)
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Product Details

Fluffy and lightweight, our silk-floss-filled comforters serve to protect you from the extreme hot and cold, as well as all kind of invaders to your bed from bacteria to mites to mold.

  • Cover Fabric:High quality pure mulberry silk.
  • Filling: 100% pure and natural long strand mulberry silk floss.
  • Side Zipper: Small zipper on the side of the comforter for silk floss filling authenticity inspection.

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All Season Silk Covered Silk Comforter
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  • Silk Comforter FAQs?


1. Outer Fabric Shell: 100% 19 Momme natural long strand Mulberry silk (400 TCI).

2. Inner Filling: 100% pure and natural long strand silk floss.

3. Side Zipper: Small zipper on the side of the comforter for silk floss filling authenticity inspection.

4. Cover Colors Available: Ivory.

5. Temperature Regulation: Our comforters effectively reduce hot or cold irregularities when sleeping by wicking moisture from the body and adjusting to body temperature. The perfect comforter for hot sleepers and cold sleepers.

6. Luxurious: Soft and billowy, comforter-feel.

7. Highest Quality: Every product is hand-crafted and vigorously inspected to ensure the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction.


1. Soft & Smooth, Best Skin Care: 100% pure silk filling guarantees a best skin care; it makes your skin feel soft and smooth and lets you enjoy the proteins silk contains.

2. Anti-allergenic: Not only the 100% silk floss, but also the 100% silk fabric shell can prevent allergy-suffers effectively.

3. No Shifting: The stitching structure of the comforter shell and layers of layers silk filling make our silk comforters will not easily move around or clump up.

4. Free Dust Bag: A FREE dust bag comes with each comforter purchase, to keep your comforter new and clean.

- Buy a matching silk duvet cover for better sleeping experience. ( Silk Duvet Cover)

Plus, WASHABLE silk comforters that can be machine washed and dried are now available at Lilysilk. They are very convenient for routine care. Just set a gentle cycle and use neutral detergent for silk, such as Tenestar. Yep, it's THAT simple.

Care Instructions:

- Spot clean with lukewarm water.

- Hang dry if possible, however avoid direct sunlight exposure.

- If in need of thorough cleaning, consult an experienced local dry cleaning service before proceeding with dry cleaning. Avoid machine wash if possible.

- Keep out of touch of pets/sharp objects.

Sizes & Weights

Size (inch) Silk Floss Weight (kg)
Twin 67”W x 87”L 1.25 kg
Full 76”W x 87”L 1.5 kg
Queen 87”W x 90”L 1.75 kg
King 104”W x 92”L 2.0 kg
Cal.King 110”W x 96”L 2.25 kg

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- 24-hour dispatch time on most orders

- 2-4 days delivery time worldwide

The price you see is the price you pay. 99% of our orders can be dispatched within 24 hours. At Lilysilk, we work incredibly hard to ensure your order reaches you within 3 working days. Some of our customers in the US may receive their order within 24 hours of placing them.

We offer 45-day no-quibble full money back guarantee if you are, in any way, not completely satisfied with your goods from Lilysilk. Please note that satisfaction guarantee is only valid when the product has not been used or washed and you return it to us in its original packaging within 45 days of shipment date.

  • 4.8

18 Reviews | 4.8 out of 5

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Customer Ratings and Reviews

Overall Rating

  • 4


Love... It…

March 27, 2017

This comforter is stellar. I live in a 100 year old house that is expensive to heat, so in the winter time we keep it coooooold at night. This has gotten me through the coldest of nights feeling toasty, and is also girlfriend approved. It's fine for summer too, you don't get overheated. You'll want to get a nice cover for it, as it seems that it would get dirty easily.

Yes, I recommend this product.

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Overall Rating

  • 5


Surprised us.

March 9, 2017

My wife and I have been sleeping under goose down comforters in duvets. One of us acquired allergies that may have come from the goose down. Thinner than the down comforters, the Mulberry silk comforter keeps us comfortable. We'll have to see how well it works in winter. No odor, quality sewn.

Yes, I recommend this product.

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Overall Rating

  • 5

Carol Massat

Love it

February 14, 2017

It is thinner than other duvets, but the filling is so evenly distributed that there're not hot or cold spots. I haven't used it through the summer yet, so it remains to be seen how it performs in higher temperatures

Yes, I recommend this product.

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Overall Rating

  • 5


Warmth Without Weight

February 11, 2017

I'm a fan of silk comforters and have had one for years. This replaced it and did not disappoint me. It is generous in size and is a warm, yet light comforter that I can use all year. The quality is excellent and came with ties on the corners for a duvet.

Yes, I recommend this product.

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Overall Rating

  • 5

bernice mea


February 4, 2017

Perfect mulberry silk comforter.

Yes, I recommend this product.

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Overall Rating

  • 4


Perfect All Year Duvet

July 29, 2016

The silk filled duvet is very nice. Light weight, perfect for Florida winters. The product arrived quickly and in good condition.

Yes, I recommend this product.

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Overall Rating

  • 5



February 18, 2016

Love it nice color and very comfy

Yes, I recommend this product.

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Overall Rating

  • 5




Excellent product!

February 5, 2016

I just received my customized silk comforter. It is beautifully crafted and made exactly per my specifications. The customer service representative helped me customize my order and graciously addressed all my questions and concerns. Great quality product paired with excellent customer service.

Yes, I recommend this product.

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Overall Rating

  • 5


Age:Over 60


Luxurious Heirloom Silk Comforter

January 24, 2016

This I can't say enough about! I don't want to leave the bed it is so awesome it is like a warm light weight cloud caressing your being all night!!! Besides the beauty of the silk it is an outstanding all weather silk comforter of the highest quality and I don't know what I ever did without it, and will not do without it any more! It is everything that this wonderful co. Says it is, when you use it! I could not ask for anything better to sleep with than this silk comforter! I use the points which I am grateful to have available to me and working with this co is a breeze! You want an all weather silk comforter that is everything you would dream about, well this one is it! PERFECTION!!!

Yes, I recommend this product.

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Overall Rating

  • 5


Love the sample swatches

January 21, 2016

Very nice, light and soft. You can open and see silk inside. Ordered again.

Yes, I recommend this product.

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What are the difference of summer and all-season weight Comforter?

Firstly, the difference between the summer Comforterand all season one lies in weight and thickness. Summer Comforter is lighter and thinner than all season one, suitable for summer days. All season Comforter is more suitable for fall and winter.

How to choose suitable Comforter? Summer weight or all season one?

Temperature is the key factor. Here is a general guideline. For a bedroom at 68F/20C, a queen size Comforter weighing approximately 0.9-1kg/2lb should best suit your needs. With every 3C/6F degree decrease, add 0.3-0.5kg/0.6-0.9lb to the weight of the Comforter . So if you are expecting to sleep in a bedroom with a temperature of 14C/57F in the fall/winter season, the Comforter should weigh approximately 1.5-2kg/3-4lb. Of course, this is just a rough estimate and only used as a reference.

How to fixate a Comforter to Comforter cover?

There is one loop on each corner of our Comforter and one tie at each corner on the inside of the Comforter cover so that you can fixate the Comforter to Comforter cover right.
Here is a video showing how to fixate Comforter to Comforter cover.

Does my Comforter needs washing and how to keep it fresh ?

Silk naturally repels dust, dirt, dust mites, moths, mildew and odours so many silk experts recommend not cleaning silk comforter at all. Do not hand wash or machine wash the comforter as this will flatten the silk loft and reduce its natural benefits. Just to air them regularly each season to keep them fresh in indirect sunlight for a few hours.

Does putting a comforter cover over a comforter make the comforter warmer?

Yes, but not that significantly. The purpose of comforter covers is two-fold: to protect the comforter from dust and other possible sources of pollution, as comforters are usually difficult, if not impossible, to wash, and to provide an aesthetically pleasing layer over the plain comforters to match with the rest of the bedroom decor. In the end, however, you should not rely on comforter covers for warmth.

Do I have to use covers with Lilysilk silk comforters/comforters?

Getting a good comforter cover can protect your silk comforter/comforters from becoming dirty and damaged, as silk comforter covers can be machine-washed. A good comforter cover also matches with the rest of the room decor and to enjoy the full benefits of the comforter, as comforter covers made from other materials will partly undermine the breathability, the lightweight and hypoallergenic nature of the silk comforter.