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At LILYSILK, we know that comfort and caring are rooted in the respect we show each part of the process.

Fibers that come from nature are perfect just the way they are.

That's why we only use 100% natural premium materials like mulberry silk ('The Queen of Fibers') and Mongolian cashmere ('Soft Gold').

Silk Cashmere

Natural Premium Material SILK

From its origins in Neolithic China, silk has long been coveted for its luxurious texture and wealth of health benefits. Made from natural protein and 18 essential amino acids, mulberry silk is breathable, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and temperature regulating for the most comfortable night’s sleep.

The prism-like structure of the fibers creates a pearl-like lustre that cares for your hair and skin too. Now widely recognized as anti-aging, silk replenishes and maintains the moisture in your skin, helping to revitalize the skin for a youthful glow.

Design For Comfort

Founded in 2010, at LILYSILK we have over a decade’s experience in silk-making, designing, and manufacturing. With every one of our products crafted and tested to ensure maximum comfort, as well as glowing reviews from our loyal customers, we are confident in all of our products.

Not only do we use the finest long fiber mulberry silk at the highest grade (Grade 6A), LILYSILK is one of the only silk-product retailers to offer these three different classes of momme - entry-level 19 momme, intermediate 22 momme and luxury 25 momme. This means you can be sure that whatever product you buy, whether durable bedding or weightless nightwear, it will be made from the most appropriate silk.

Furthermore, LILYSILK products are certified by Oeko-Tex, meaning they are completely free of substances harmful to human ecology.

Care For All

Woven into the fibre of all that we do at LILYSILK is the belief that we must do it with care and consideration, extending from our employees to our customers, our partners to our planet.

Silk and Cashmere, due to their natural fibers, are biodegradable and take between one and five years to decompose – 50 times faster synthetic materials.

While utilising any resources takes its toll on the environment, at LILYSILK we will always do our best to minimize this impact where possible. Most of all, with our dedication to the highest quality and timeless design, LILYSILK products will last, helping to reduce waste overall.

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