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At LILYSILK and its subsidiaries, we are committed to providing you with clear information and significant control over your personal data collection and usage. This Privacy Policy describes our practices pertaining to the processing of personal data collected via our websites, mobile applications, and any other online services where this Privacy Policy is accessible (collectively referred to as our online services). It also outlines how we handle personal data when you interact with us offline, such as when you patronize our physical stores, reach out to our customer service team, or participate in our events.
In this context, personal data refers to information related to an identifiable individual, in accordance with the definition under applicable law.
Our adherence to this Privacy Policy complies with the laws applicable in the regions where we operate. On occasion, we may issue supplementary terms related to specific products and services or specific regions. These additional terms should be understood in conjunction with this Privacy Policy, while region-specific terms apply independently.
While we aim for consistent application of privacy laws, certain terms, obligations, and rights may only be applicable or available to individuals in specific jurisdictions. The use of the term "right" in this Privacy Policy (and any supplements) does not imply or confer any legal rights or remedies to any person or party, unless expressly stipulated under applicable law.
Notice at Collection
We encourage you to read our comprehensive Privacy Policy. However, this Notice is intended to provide you with an overview, at or before the point of personal data collection, of the categories of personal data we collect, the reasons for the collection or usage, and whether the personal data is "sold" or "shared" (as these terms may be defined by privacy laws).
We hope this Notice serves as a valuable tool when deciding whether to engage with us or request limits on certain uses of your personal data.
We collect the following types of personal data
  • Contact and registration information
  • Order details and payment information
  • Records of purchases and services requested
  • Customer service communications
  • Internet and network activity information
  • Online identifiers (cookies and similar technologies)
  • Content shared in our public forums
  • Inferences reflecting interests and preferences
The collected personal data serves the following purposes
  • Provision of products and services you purchase or request
  • Response to your inquiries and provision of customer service
  • Operation and enhancement of online services
  • Personalization of online content and experiences
  • Marketing and advertising activities
  • Maintenance of safety in our stores and prevention of illegal activities
  • Compliance with legal obligations
We retain personal data for the duration necessary to fulfill the collection purposes, unless a longer retention period is mandated or permitted by law.
Opt-Out Request for Specific Uses of Your Personal Data
We may share your personal data with third-party entities for purposes such as analytics and targeted advertising, based on your interests and online activities. This information may be associated with your browser or device (utilizing cookies and similar tracking technologies), and may be related to you if you hold a customer account with us or interact with us in other ways. These third parties may use the data for their own marketing needs and to offer products and services via our online platforms.
While we do not exchange your personal data for monetary value, some uses of the data might be construed as a “sale” or “sharing” of personal information under relevant privacy laws.
To opt-out of these specific uses of your personal data, click the “Your Privacy Choices" link, located at the bottom of our websites and within our mobile apps under the Customer Service section.
Further details about other privacy rights and choices that may be available to you can be found under the "Your privacy rights and choices” section of this Privacy Policy.
Types of Personal Information We Collect and Sources
The personal information we gather about you varies depending on your interactions with us. This information generally originates from data you provide, data we generate, and data we automatically collect through our online services, as well as data we obtain from other sources.
Please note that if you choose not to allow us to collect certain personal information, it may impact our ability to offer specific products and services, or to customize these products and services based on your preferences.
Information You Provide to Us
  • Contact and Registration Information: This includes details provided when you purchase, exchange, or return products, request services, create a customer account, participate in a Loyalty Rewards Program, redeem promotions, or engage with us for other products and services. Information such as your name, email address, phone number, billing and shipping address, clothing size and fit preferences, and other data you might choose to provide are included.
  • Transaction Information: Details provided when you purchase, exchange, or return products, request services, or redeem promotions are collected. We may supplement or combine the information we already have about you. For instance, we may identify your region to display product prices in your local currency and improve the accuracy of your shipping address.
  • Communications Information: We gather and record communication information and content you provide when you sign up for marketing emails or texts, interact with us about customer service issues, or make other inquiries.
  • Customer Content: We collect data and content you provide or make available in our public forums (like online message boards and social media interactions) and when you give feedback or product reviews, respond to surveys, or use features of our services that require the collection of certain personal information.
Information We Generate and Automatically Collect
  • Internal Customer Identifiers and Commercial Information: We generate internal customer identifiers (like a customer or account ID) to manage your transactions and relationships with us and gather commercial information such as records of products or services purchased, exchanged, or returned.
  • Internet and Network Activity Information: We utilize automated information technologies to collect certain internet and network activity information when you access or use our online services. This includes identifiers used to recognize you or a device over time and across different services, your interactions with our online services and advertisements, information about your computer or device, and information about your precise location when permitted.
  • De-identified Data: We may generate and use de-identified data, which cannot reasonably be used to identify you. This data is maintained and used only in a de-identified form and we will not attempt to re-identify such data, except as permitted by applicable law.
For more information about the use of automated information technologies for targeted advertising and how you can opt out of certain uses of your information, please see the "Your privacy rights and choices" section of this Privacy Policy.
Information We Collect from Other Sources
We may also gather personal information about you from publicly available and other sources, including:
  • Service Providers and Contractors: These entities may collect personal information when processing data on our behalf for specific business purposes that we determine, either alone or jointly with other data controllers.
  • Social Media Platforms and Content Distribution Channels: When you interact with features provided by social media platforms on our online services or our content or ads on these platforms, we may receive information from the social media platforms, subject to their settings and privacy practices. Likewise, when you interact with our content, products, services, or ads on third-party sites, apps, or other media, we may obtain information from those third-party sources.
  • Other Third Parties: We may receive internet and network activity information, demographic information, and other details from third-party data suppliers that help us identify and learn more about you and other users of our online services. We may also collect information from third-party fraud prevention companies and companies offering their goods and services on our online services, or those offering products on a co-branded, co-sponsored, or cross-promotional basis.
  • Mobile App: If you use our mobile app, we may collect information about your location, device identifiers, and usage of the app. We may connect this data with other information we have collected about you. This helps us provide a consistent experience across devices and online services.
How we use personal information
  • Provide Products and Services: This includes processing transactions and payments, fulfilling orders, maintaining and servicing customer accounts, and providing promotions and other offers. We also use the information to improve and develop new products and services.
  • Communicate with You: We use the information to respond to your inquiries, provide customer service and technical support, send you communications about your purchases and policy changes, and send you information about promotions, events, and other offers we think may be of interest to you.
  • Operate and Improve Online Services: We use the information to operate, troubleshoot, improve, and develop new online services and features, and to understand how you and other users interact with our online services and advertisements.
  • Personalize Online Content and Experiences: We use the information to personalize online content, provide recommendations and reminders, and enhance your experience with our online services.
  • Market and Advertise: We use the information to develop, manage, and conduct advertising and marketing campaigns and to analyze and measure the performance of our advertising and marketing efforts.
  • Maintain Safety and Security and Combat Illegal Activities: We use the information to maintain safety and security in our stores, prevent, detect, and investigate security incidents or activities that may violate our policies or be illegal, and to ensure the security of our networks and information systems.
  • Comply with Legal Obligations: We use the information to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations, protect our rights and the rights of others, and fulfill our corporate obligations.
For residents located outside the United States in certain jurisdictions, we may process your personal information based on the following justifications:
  • Contractual Obligations: We process your information to fulfill our contractual obligations, which include providing you with our online services, associated content, and communication channels. For instance, when you make a purchase, we process your contact and payment information to meet our commercial commitments, communicate about your purchases and requested services, and deliver the customer services you require. The non-provision of requested information could impede or delay the execution of these contractual obligations.
  • Legitimate Interests: We process your information to cater to our legitimate interests, which involve providing you with our online services, other products and services, communication, and for our marketing and advertising purposes. These legitimate interests could include improving and understanding your interaction with our online services, and, where appropriate, sending you communication about products and services that might be of interest to you. To fulfill these legitimate interests, we may share your information with other parties, including for marketing and advertising purposes. We maintain protective measures to ensure the security of the information processed in pursuit of these legitimate interests.
  • Legal Obligations and Rights Protection: We process and share your information as required to comply with our legal obligations and to safeguard our rights and the rights of others. For instance, we may need to collect specific information when processing your purchase and payment information for tax compliance, regulatory conformity, or financial reporting purposes.
  • Consent: If we obtain your consent to process your information, you can withdraw this consent at any time (usually through the same method by which you granted your consent). If you have questions regarding the consent withdrawal process, please contact us using the address for your area listed in the “Contact us” section of this Privacy Policy.
Disclosure of personal information and recipients
We may disclose or share the types of personal information we gather with the following entities:
  • Our Brands and Subsidiaries: We may share your information with our family of brands and subsidiaries to provide our products and services, and for other purposes detailed in this Privacy Policy.
  • Service Providers and Contractors: These entities may process personal information on our behalf for specific business purposes we determine, either alone or jointly with other data controllers. Examples include processing payment transactions, distributing communications, operating online and other communication methods, managing offers and promotions, and providing services for order fulfillment, logistics, data analytics, computer and cloud-based networks, and fraud prevention.
  • Advertising and Marketing Providers: We may share your data with advertising and marketing entities that aid us in creating, delivering, and evaluating our advertising and marketing campaigns, and understanding more about you and other users of our online services.
Please review the "Your privacy rights and choices" section of this Privacy Policy for more details on how we may share information for targeted advertising and how you can opt out.
  • Social Media Platforms: If you interact with social media widgets or share content using social media share buttons on our online services, the relevant social media platforms may collect or have access to your personal information. We are not responsible for their privacy policies.
  • Participants in Public Forums or the Public: If you participate in our public forums, you may choose to make your personal information available to other participants or the public. This can include your opinions, feedback, goals, and sensitive personal information.
  • Non-Profit Groups and Programs: If you participate in third-party non-profit programs, we may provide your information to the program providers, administrators, and others as required by the programs.
  • Other Third Parties: We may share your information with third-party companies that we permit to offer their goods and services on our online services, or that offer products on a co-branded, co-sponsored, or cross-promotional basis.
  • Parties You Direct Us to Share Information With: We may share your information with third parties at your consent or request.
  • Others When Required by Law or to Protect Our Rights: We may share your information to comply with the law, legal process, or applicable industry standards and to protect our legal rights.
  • Parties Involved in Corporate Transactions: We reserve the right to transfer any of the information we have about you in the event of a sale or transfer of all or a portion of our business or assets to a third party, such as in the event of a merger, acquisition, or other disposition, or in connection with a bankruptcy reorganization, dissolution, or liquidation.
Your privacy rights and choices
Depending on your location and subject to legal limitations, applicable laws in your jurisdiction may entitle you to certain privacy requests. Regardless of your location, we permit you to make the same requests and will take reasonable steps to fulfill them.
You may request to:
  • Know: Obtain a copy of the personal information we have collected about you.
  • Delete: Ask us to delete the personal information we have collected about you.
  • Correct: Request us to correct inaccurate information about you.
  • Opt-out: Opt-out of our sharing certain personal information with other parties for targeted ads.
How to Make a Request to Know, Delete, or Correct:
You may email us at support for privacy matters. To fulfill your request, we may need to verify your identity. We'll send you an email with a link to confirm your email address and may request additional information solely for identity verification purposes.
Upon receiving a request from you, please follow the instructions provided in the communications sent to you by our online customer service desk, including accessing the fulfillment status and other information related to your request.
Authorized agents can make a request on your behalf using the Privacy Requests Form, but they'll need to provide written proof that you gave them signed permission to submit the request.
Opting out of Sharing for Targeted Advertising:
We may share personal information with other parties to provide analytics services and serve ads on our behalf, which are targeted to your interests and based on your online activities. Although we don't exchange personal information for money, certain uses may be deemed the “sale” or “sharing” of personal information under applicable privacy laws.
To opt-out of these uses of your personal information, please visit the “Your Privacy Choices” link located at the bottom of our sites and within our mobile apps under Customer Service. Use our Privacy Preference Page and Webform to indicate your preference.
Please remember
  • Opt-out tools are specific to the browser or device you use. If you’re not signed-in to your customer account or don’t have a customer account, you will need to opt-out on each browser and device you use.
  • Even after opting out, you may still see online ads, but they won't be based on your inferred interests.
  • Clearing your browser's cookies and cache may remove opt-out preferences, necessitating you to opt-out again.
  • While we use necessary cookies for our sites to function, you may disable these through your browser settings, which may affect site functionality.
  • You can control targeted ads you receive within apps by using your device manufacturer's settings and choices.
  • More information on controlling targeted advertising is available from the Digital Advertising Alliance ( and the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (
We endeavor to fulfill requests within the time frames stipulated by applicable law, which may take up to 30 or 45 days depending on your location.
Reasons for Denying a Request and Exceptions
Your request may be denied if we cannot verify your identity. One way we verify your identity is by confirming your email address. If you do not respond timely to our request to confirm your email address or provide other requested information necessary for us to verify your identity or process your request, we may deny your request.
If you request the deletion of your personal information, we may not be able to delete certain data if it is required for us to process your purchases, fulfill your orders (including returns or exchanges), or provide requested services.
We may not be able to honor your request if it restricts our ability to comply with applicable law (such as cooperating with law enforcement) or our regulatory obligations (like maintaining records of your requests and preferences). We may also deny your request if we, in good faith, believe that the information is necessary to exercise or defend a legal claim, or protect our operations and property, or the privacy, safety, and property of others.
If we deny your request, you can appeal our decision by writing to us using the contact details provided under the "Contact us" section of this Privacy Policy. If you have concerns about the results of an appeal, you can contact the supervisory authority in your area.
We do not discriminate against anyone for exercising their privacy rights or making requests.
Automated Individual Decision-Making:
We do not make decisions about you based solely on automated processing of your personal information, including profiling, which produces legal effects or similarly significantly affects you, unless necessary for entering or performing a contract with you based on your explicit consent, or as authorized by applicable law.
Email Marketing:
You can opt-out of receiving marketing or promotional emails from us by clicking the “unsubscribe” link in such emails. Please note that even if you opt-out of marketing or promotional emails, we may still send you transactional communications, such as those related to your purchases or Loyalty Rewards Program.
Text Message Marketing:
You can opt-out of receiving marketing or promotional texts from us by clicking the unsubscribe link provided in the SMS or by following other instructions provided to you when you chose to receive texts. If you have signed up for texts from more than one list, you will need to opt-out from each list separately.
Co-Branded, Co-Sponsored, or Cross-Promotional Offerings:
If you choose to participate in a co-branded, co-sponsored, or cross-promotional offering, the brand, sponsor, or other third party involved may use your information for their own purposes, including advertising and marketing. You must contact the relevant third party directly to exercise your opt-out choices with respect to their use of your information.
Push Notifications:
If an online service enables push notifications on your device, you can review and update your push notification preferences by adjusting the settings provided by your device manufacturer. Deactivation may not apply to our in-app notifications and alerts.
Sensitive Personal Information
We do not make use of or disclose sensitive personal information unless it's necessary for providing the goods or executing the services you have requested (like processing or fulfilling orders and transactions), with your explicit consent, or as otherwise authorized by the applicable law (such as for preventing, detecting, and investigating security incidents, ensuring physical safety, and displaying non-personalized advertising as part of your current interaction with us). We do not utilize or reveal sensitive personal information for the purpose of inferring characteristics about you.
Children’s privacy
We do not intentionally collect personal information directly from children under the age of 13 (or 16 in the United Kingdom or European Union) without parental consent. Our online services are designed for a general audience and are not specifically targeted or intended for use by children.
Retention of personal information
We retain personal information for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected unless a longer retention period is mandated or allowed by the applicable law.
Data transfers
Our operations and vendors are spread across the United States, Canada, and other countries, which means we may transfer, store, or access your personal information in jurisdictions that may not provide data protection levels equivalent to those of your home jurisdiction. We ensure adequate protection for the transfer of personal information in line with the applicable law, such as by obtaining your consent, setting up contractual obligations with our service providers and third parties, relying on the European Commission’s adequacy decisions, or implementing Standard Contractual Clauses. As allowed by the applicable law, you may request a copy of these Standard Contractual Clauses by contacting our representative in the United Kingdom and European Union mentioned in the "Contact us" section of this Privacy Policy.
Information safeguards
Our objective is to ensure safe and convenient experiences when you interact with us. To protect your personal information, we implement technical and organizational measures. Please note, we will never send you an email requesting personal information, such as your account access credentials, date of birth, or credit card information. Additionally, we will never send emails with openable attachments. If you receive a suspicious email appearing to be from us, please get in touch as identified in the "Contact Us" section of this privacy policy.
Third-party sites and platforms
When you submit information to us on third-party-operated sites, apps, and other platforms, the information may also be separately collected by these third-party operators. Furthermore, our content, products, services, or ads could be available on third-party content distribution channels. The information we gather is governed by this Privacy Policy, while the data collected by third-party operators falls under their respective privacy policies. Privacy preferences you set on third-party sites, apps, platforms, or content distribution channels will not apply to our use of information collected directly via our online services. Please be aware that our online services may contain links to other sites and platforms outside our control. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of these sites and platforms. We advise you to read the privacy policies of all third parties that may apply when you leave our online services.
Policy revisions and updates
We may periodically revise and update this Privacy Policy, and we encourage you to review it regularly. If we make changes, we will notify you by updating the date at the top of the policy. If we make significant changes, we will provide additional notice, such as placing a statement on our website homepages or sending you a notification.
Contact us
If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy or our information practices, you may write to us at:
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