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Get 3000 (CA$30) Lilysilk Points

Submit 20-40 seconds video with ANY equipment (cell, webcam, DV, you name it)

- Introduce your first name, your location (city), while showing the item(s) you bought in the video.

- Share your experience of using your Lilysilk products in order to provide useful information for other customers.

- Your face must be clearly visible during the video.(Sample Video On The Right)

The video can be submitted using the any one of following methods:

I) Send the video to us as an attachment in an email to [email protected]

II) Post the video on your YouTube channel and send us a link to [email protected]

III) Post the video on any social media network sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.) or any blog you have and
send us a link to [email protected]

Once we verify your video or your links, we will add 3000 Lilypoints to your account in a matter of days.


Get 1000(CA$10) or 800(CA$8) Lilysilk Points

Submit 3 or more clearly-visible photos of Lilysilk products

-Use ANY equipment (cellphone, camera, you name it)

-Photos should be clear and clean. You can take photos with our products on your bed or wearing them.

The photos can be submitted using the any one of following methods:

I) Send photos to us as an attachment in an email to [email protected] -- Get 800(CA$8) Lilysilk Points

II) Post photos on any social media network sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc) with #ILoveLilysilk added to your content and send us a link to [email protected] -- Get 1000(CA$10) Lilysilk Points.

III) Upload A Photo For Your Product Review -- Get 800(CA$8) Lilysilk Points

Once we verify your photos or your links, we will add 1000 or 800 Lilysilk points to your account in a matter of days.


Get 2000(CA$20) Lilysilk Points

Write a 200-word blog about your shopping & using experience

-Write a blog about your shopping experience or using experience of Lilysilk's products, and send the links to [email protected]

-The blog should have pictures and texts with at least 200 characters.

Once your blog is verified, we will add 2000 Lilysilk Points to your account in a matter of days.

Trustpilot & On-site

Get 200 & 500(CA$2 & CA$5) Lilysilk Points

Write reviews on Trustpilot & (Click Here)

Get 200 Lilypoints if reviews are written on our website.

500 Lilypoints will be given if you write us positive reviews on Trustpilot.

Send the link or screen shot in an email to [email protected]

Event Introduction

- Lilysilk Points above can not be added to your account repeatedly. We will add the highest points you get into your account if you participate the activity in different ways.

- By participating in the "Lilysilk Reviews Rewards" event, you agree to give consent to to use the videos containing your images, photos, or words on and its affiliates exclusively for commercial purposes. Lilysilk shall not, under any circumstances, sell, trade or exchange the right to use these images to a third party for monetary or other gains without explicit consent from the owner of said videos and images.

- Lilysilk reserves the right to deem any videos to be ineligible for participation in this event if they contain contents that are, or relate to: adult, sexual or pornographic/hate speech/other commercial endorsements/religious statements/political statements/other unsuitable materials.

- Lilysilk reserves all rights of interpretation of the terms and conditions of the Lilysilk Reviews Rewards event.