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Summer Cotton Covered Light Weight Silk Duvet

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1. Outer Fabric Shell: 100% Premium Cotton.

2. Inner Filling: 100% pure and natural long strand silk floss.

3. Side Zipper: Small zipper on the side of the comforter for silk floss filling authenticity inspection.

4. Cover Colors Available: White.

5. Temperature Regulation: Silk is the natural hypoallergenic temperature regulator. Our summer can regulate temperature wondrously, whether it’s hot or cold outside.

6. Luxury: Breathable and soft with a bright sheen.


Anti-allergenic: Our silk comforter is chemical-free healthy products. It can prevent allergy-suffers effectively.

2. Anti-aging:Silk comforter is Breathable and soft; It could retain moisture and Minimize wrinkles. Sleeping on natural silk will help provide an effective anti-aging skin care treatment.

3. No Shifting: The stitching structure of the comforter shell and 4 loops at the corners will not easily move around or clump up.

4. Free Dust Bag: A FREE dust bag comes with each comforter purchase to keep your comforter new and clean.


- Buy a matching silk duvet cover for a better sleeping experience.( Silk Duvet Cover)

Plus, WASHABLE silk comforters that can be machine washed and dried are now available at Lilysilk. They are very convenient for routine care. Just set a gentle cycle and use neutral detergent for silk. Yep, it's THAT simple.


Lilysilk’s summer weight silk duvets are made using the freshest silk floss taken straight out of the repositories of the best silk local farmers.