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    Incredibly luxurious charmeuse silk pillowcases now available at equally incredible prices. Made with 100% top quality natural Mulberry silk, these charmeuse silk pillowcases are a must-have for any bedroom, anywhere.

    19 Momme Terse Silk Pillowcase with Hidden Zipper

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    Lilysilk pillowcase is specifically designed to keep your hair in place while you sleep. Specially treated with a friction-free finish it allows your hair to easily glide over the pillow surface so that the user awakens with hair still 'beauty salon fresh' without any hair breakage or affect on the users hair moisture balance.


    Written by Baker

    • 5
      (5/ 5stars)
    Love my pillowcases.

    Written by Bernard

    • 5
      (5/ 5stars)
    The price is so good! The measurements are in the descriptions so you know whether to buy king, queen or standard. I highly recommend you measure your pillow before ordering as I thought I had a queen size but turns out I have a standard. Heres why it's so good: -It is a 22 mm meaning that it is THICK. As soon as you take it out of the package you can feel that it has such a good weight. -It has a zipper on the back to hold the pillow in so there is no slit in the middle making it feel as though this pillow case is actually for sleeping and not decoration. -The zipper is covered by a flap and off to the side so it is not exposed so you can sleep on both sides. -It is a nice natural white color Silk does not strip moisture from your skin or hair and keeps your skin from getting wrinkled and your hair from being a mess. This is the best pillow case to buy.A silk pillowcase is an absolute must for any woman.

    Written by Red Rose

    • 5
      (5/ 5stars)
    Due to allergies, I have to wash my bedding in hot water and the fabric has not suffered as of this writing. (It has only been washed twice, so I hope it continues to perform well.) Silk pillowcases really do cut down on friction between your skin and hair and the pillow case. This is my 3rd silk pillowcase and I will continue to buy them because, IMO, they do work! (My last case did not have a zipper and I found myself struggling with keeping it on the pillow, despite the envelope fold over closing that was supposed to remedy that issue. For the few extra dollars, I would only buy the zippered cases.) I didn't give it 5 stars because the washing instructions suggest you hand wash or use delicate cycle on machine, and this isn't practical for me. I'll be curious to see if the hot water negatively affects the longevity. Cotton pillowcases don't last all that long, so I expect a silk one would have a limited lifespan as well.

    Written by Mike

    • 5
      (5/ 5stars)
    This pillowcase is one of the best purchases I've made.