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Random Color 3 Pieces Silk Cut Pile Facial Wash Pad

13,50 € 45,00 € (Risparmia 31,50 €)
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This silk cut pile cleaning puff will be a game-changer in facial cleaning. Made of soft silk cut pile, it’s perfect for all types of skin including sensitive and even baby skin. By using natural materials, you can help reduce the huge amounts of waste buildup from traditional puffs while giving your skin a better feel after each use!

1. Helps to exfoliates the skin and keep pores clean and open
2. Helps prepare the skin for serums and creams
3. Helps to stimulate circulation and promote smooth radiant skin
4. Gently exfoliates chapped lips for healthier and softer lips

5. Hypoallergenic and gentle for sensitive skin

How to use:

Wet the towel with water and gently massage the face and neck area to remove products, make-up, and impurities. Rinse towel thoroughly and hang dry for next use.