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    Lilysilk promises to make only finest silk products on the market and we have proved ourselves in the past several years. Our silk products are not only favored by our customers but various beauty or fashion stylists. You can find us on VOGUE, ESSENCE, NEWYOU, ELLE and The Hollywood Reporter, even on Fox 13 TV. Making silk products is what we do but promoting a healthy and modern life style is what we strive for. Lilysilk, Better Silk, Better Life.

    Famous Magazine


    Date:5 August 2017

    5 reasons to use a silk pillowcase!

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    Date:15 December 2016

    Wake up without any hair creases or frizzinduced by tossing and turning!

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    Date:20 September 2016

    Discover your silk sleeping beauty ,experience the great feeling of comfort and luxury.

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    Date:28 September 2015

    The World most influential fashion magazine, show you an elegant bedtime with Lilysilk items!.

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    The Hollywood Reporter

    Date:22 January 2015

    The best ways to reduce facial wrinkles and hair splits

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    New You

    Date:1 January 2014

    Fall in love with silk by NewYou magazine.

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    Date:13 May 2013

    No more expensive body cream or lotion,silk pajamas will nourish your skin amazing all night long instead!

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    Date:13 January 2010

    Famous magazine advice you a new fashion style- Sleepwear in Public!

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    Popular Radio Station

    JAPANESE TALK -「今夜くらべてみました」

    Date:1 January 2016

    The fashion shopping show, again, introduced Lilysilk silk products to their audiences, about how to use silk sleeping cap, silk nightwear for skin & hair care in daily life!

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    JAPANESE TALK -「メレンゲの気持ち」

    Date:15 December 2015

    Naomi Watanabe recommend Lilysilk silk cap for daily skin-care routine!

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