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    Silk Guide

    How to care for your silk bedding & clothes


    Silk bedding linen requires special attention from you in order to stay intact and well-polished. The best way to care for silk is simply avoid contact with chemicals, especially those with strong basic/acidic properties such as bleach, and avoid extreme temperatures, especially heat.

    Always wash your linen in lukewarm water at approximately 30°C. If you use a washing machine, make sure to use a silk or delicate setting with minimal spin time. Air-drying your linen on a washing line is preferable to machine drying. Try to iron your linen on the inside when slightly damp and use a cool setting after every wash to keep it in shape.


    Always protect your comforters with a removable and washable cover; that way, your Lilysilk silk floss filled comforter would not need any thorough cleanings for a long while. In the case that they do, however, make absolutely sure you do so with a professional dry cleaner that has experience treating silk floss. For small stains on the comforter shell, you can spot clean them with very gentle soap. Rinse the spot where you have cleaned with lukewarm water thoroughly and leave to air dry.

    Tip: For daily maintenance, simply turn your comforter over towards the end of the bed instead after you get up and let the fresh air or sunshine in (if your bed is near a window) for 10-20 minutes.This helps freshen your comforter considerably.


    Avoid direct contact with water. Professional dry cleaning is recommended. Air in well-circulated areas 2~3 times every month and keep out of touch of pets/sharp objects. Please store in a cool, dry place.


    See silk comforters for washing instructions and maintenance tips. We also suggest using 2 pillowcases for extra protection. Plus, our washable silk lined pillows are popular. They are machine-washable! You just set a gentle cycle and use neutral silk detergent.

    SILK Sleepwear

    We recommend that our pure silk sleepwear be dry-cleaned only. Dry cleaning of finest quality of silk extends its life and prolongs its natural beauty. Hand and machine washing are also viable, simply make sure the water is at a temperature not exceeding 30°C and the detergents used are mild/neutral and non-biological. Note: DO NOT use bleach and fabric softener.

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