100% Grade 6A Mulberry Silk

    OEKO Certified - Non-toxic Dyes

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    Silk Sheets

    Here are Singapore 100% mulberry silk sheets for sale. Following are seamless silk sheet, and luxury silk bedding sets. These 100% high quality mulberry silk sheet set is made up of duvet cover, fitted sheet, and pillow cases. Available in black, white etc, and various sizes.

    We adopt the best 19 momme mulberry silk in 400 thread count to make into our high quality and top taste seam silk sheets and seamless silk sheets. Besides, We are proud that we offer the ultimate luxury silk sheet set made from the best 25 momme weight silk and hand picked from 750 thread count natural silk. Many housewives would like to use silk bedding set for themselves and families.

    Our top quality silk fitted sheets are specially designed in a way that it ends up with a 40cm deep fitting. And elastic tie is sewn all over the border for the neat sizing. There are two styles of silk pillow cases for you to select, oxford pillowcases that have beautiful 5cm borders; terse pillowcases that are simple and graceful without edges. Each pillowcase is great for your hair and facial beauty.