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Silk Club
Silk Club Rewards is free to join and gives you access to exclusive perks when you shop at LILYSILK.
Join the club today and receive 500 free points worth $5.
Tiers and Benefits
Tier Requirements *based on spending in the last 12 months
Bonus & Savings
Sign-up Bonus
Level-up Bonus
Points Redemption *100 points = $1
Reward Points Per $1 Spent
Member’s Day Offer *19th of each month
5% Discount Almost Everything *login first
Free Gifts
Birthday Gift
LILYSILK Anniversary Gift in August
Exclusive Service
Easy Return & Exchange
Free Shipping
New Product Free Try-on
Free Monogramming & Customization
Just Sign Up
Over $0
Over $130
Over $530
Over $1700
500 Points
500 Points
800 Points
1000 Points
1500 Points
* See details below
Monthly Member's Day
Subscribe to our newsletter and get access to exclusive offers on 19th of each month.
Redeem for Discounts
Every 100 points gets you a $1 reward to use on items you love.
100 Points =
500 Points =
1000 Points =
Ways To Earn Points
Create an account to receive 500 points
Earn up to 3 points per $1 spent
Get points by participating in irregular questionnaire survey
Up to 1500 points level-up bonus
800 points when you share a video
500 points when you share a photo
Create an account to receive 500 points
Earn up to 3 points per $1 spent
Get points by participating in irregular questionnaire survey
Up to 1500 points level-up bonus
800 points when you share a video
500 points when you share a photo
600K+ people have joined. You in?
Get 500 points and save $5 on your purchase.
Start earning points immediately on the items you love.
What is Silk Club Rewards?
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Silk Club Rewards is a loyalty program with rewards and surprises for every Lilysilk member. You can earn rewards points through every purchase or other activities and spend the reward points on your future purchases.
How do I become a Silk Club Member?
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All customers with a LILYSILK account are automatically enrolled in Silk Club Rewards. It is free to join; sign up here to become a Silk Club Member.
Be sure to sign in to receive your points! (Sorry, we cannot offer points for purchases made if you check out as a guest.)
How is the tier determined?
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Your tier is determined by your 12-month spending balance, which is the cumulative net spend (i.e., after all redeemed Rewards, discounts, returns, and other similar deductions have been applied) on Valid Purchases in the currency of the country in which you made in the previous 365 days. For example, a Member's 12 Month Spend Balance as at the period 1 November 2020 will be their cumulative spend on Valid Purchases during the period from 1 November 2019 to 23:59:59 on 31 October 2020. A Member's 12 Month Spend Balance is reviewed daily, and any Valid Purchases outside of this period will be disregarded.

There are 5 levels:
· Green: Just sign up to become Green.
· Bronze: Spend over $0 in the last 12 months;
· Silver: Spend over $130 in the last 12 months;
· Gold: Spend over $530 in the last 12 months;
· Diamond: Spend over $1700 in the last 12 months;

How do I check my tier and points balance?
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You can check your Club membership here or sign in to your account and click 'Silk Club Rewards' tab to check your status.
How do I partipate in Club Members' Day?
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Club Members Day starts on the 19th of each month. We will send an invitation letter of the event to your email address if you are subscribed to our newsletter, so make sure you have subscribed!
The exclusive sale on Members Day is only valid for our registered Silk Club members.
What are reward points and how to use reward points?
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You will be rewarded up to 3 Silk Club reward points depending on your tier for every US dollar spent on points = SGD 1.00. You can redeem your LILYSILK points at checkout on every purchase of our us online store to get a discount.
1. Proceed to checkout through your Shopping Cart.
2. Enter the amount of LILYSILK Points you wish to apply.
3. Click Apply. The points applied to your order will be displayed as rewards points in the Order Summary and deducted from your order total.
What are the terms for earning and using Silk Club reward points?
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1. Points only can be added to registered customers' accounts.
2. Each order can be added points only once by leaving reviews and sharing on social network sites. The sharing must be public. Once we verify your photos or links, we will add the corresponding number of Lilysilk points to your account in a few days.
3. The maximum points each login user can earn are 10000 (except the amount earned by placing orders).
4. LILYSILK reserves the right to amend Reward Points rules at any time with our sole discretion.
About Points Expiration (Effective Date: September 21, 2022)
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Your points are valid from the date of earning and will expire 365 days later. For example, if you earn 1000 points on November 11, 2021, the points will expire on November 11, 2022. If your points expired before being used, they will be deleted from your account.
Note: The points obtained before September 21, 2021 will be expired and cleared on September 21, 2022.