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    100% pure mulberry silk pillowcases in oxford and terse style, namely: oxford silk pillowcase, terse pillowcase, oxford luxury pillowcase and terse luxury pillowcase. Ivory, white, black, coffee, claret and silvergray are on sale in silk pillowcase queen, silk pillowcase king and silk pillowcase standard for your perfect bedroom.

    Oxford Silk Pillowcase (2" border) is chosen from the premium quality - 19 Momme Charmeuse silk and it will definitely be naturally hypo-allergenic. Exquisitely soft to the touch, with the best drape of all fabrics, you simply can not buy a better silk pillowcase. This component is thought to contribute to skin health by helping to speed the metabolism of skin cells, thus reducing signs of aging.

    LilySilk terse pillowcases are no exception, made from the finest quality 19momme mulberry with shiny finish, the thread Count is 400 so that they are beautifully soft and strong. Terse Silk pillowcase (No edge) is very popular in UK, and is also named housewife pillowcase. It can help to keep hair shiny and create a smoother, more lineless looking complexion.

    The 25 momme silk weight is the finest silk woven. For a comparison between Satin and Mulberry silk pillowcases, please see our FAQ section.

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