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Throw That Old Pillowcase Away!

Common pillowcases make friction to the hair and generate static, thus leading to frizzy and knotted hair.

Silk is smooth and has the least friction force to the skin among all fibers, which is 7.4% only. So your hair won't frizz sleeping on silk.

Common pillowcases won't moisturize your hair, instead, it absorbs moisture from it. So it will lead to dry hair in the long run.

Silk is rich in hydrophilic groups like amino, and because of its porosity, it is easy for water molecules to diffuse, hence moisturizing your hair.

Common pillowcases contain many chemicals. Even frequently washed, it breeds bacteria and dust mites easily thus lead to inflammation and damage of hair follicles and even hair loss.

Silk contains sericin, which can effectively prevent breeding molds and dust mites, hence providing a healthy environment for hair growth.

LILYSILK Pillowcases Are The Best Choice For You
  1. 1.

    The Highest Grade 6A 100% Pure Mulberry Silk

    Collected from silkworms that are captivity bred.

    Only 5% silk in the world meets Grade 6A standard.

  2. 2.

    No Toxic Additives & OEKO-TEX Certified

    OEKO-certified. Eco-friendly and Non-toxic. Know More.

  3. 3.

    Top Quality and Craftsmanship

    Quality craftsmanship with all French seams.

  4. 4.

    Multiple Choices Meeting Need of Each

    Different styles, colors, and sizes: envelope or hidden zipper, Oxford edge or ruffle trim, pure color or print patterns, 19-25 mm, multiple sizes, and monogramming available.

  5. It's so amazing to have smooth and lustrous hair, and you'd feel confident and energetic than ever before.

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Ordered one of their silk pillowcases a few months ago. Item arrived in a lovely little box. Very happy with the quality of the pillowcase, and it is easy to machine wash on a delicate cycle. They appear to have a good selection of silk products available, and I will be ordering other items in the near future.
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