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special silk washing detergent tenestar

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Special Silk Washing Detergent Tenestar

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Due to the cost of detergent shipping is different for different countries, please note that 
if your shipping address is beyond US, we need to charge extra shipping fee according to
your area. Plus, the detergent will be shipped separately with other silk items. 

Why use tenestar for silk items?

Tenestar is a special washing detergent for silk items either with hand or machine wash. Tenestar does not contain any chemicals or lipid-replenishers, which prevents the silk from any damages caused by washing or frictions. One bottle contains 250g (240ml), enough for about 16 washes.

- Silk will keep its shine

- Colours will stay bright for a long period of time

- Fabric will remain soft and smooth

- Using Tenestar Just like doing a spa for finest silk.

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Customer Reviews (1)
Washes silk well
This detergent has kept my silk shirt in good shape. There are some detergents meant for silk clothing but once washed makes it rough. This detergent doesn't do that. Although the price tag is more than I would want to spend on laundry detergents, I am glad that I did for this. Review by Karen (Posted on 12/16/2018)
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