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Cozy Scoop-Neck Cashmere Sweater

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  • 100% Worsted, Superfine Cashmere #cashmerecuddles
  • Exquisite To Touch, Supreme Quality
  • Premium Fibers - 2 Ply Densely-Knitted Yarn
  • Scoop Neck
  • Regular Fit
It Looks Good On You
Why Worsted Cashmere Is a Perfect Choice?
cashmere cashmere_mb
Worsted Cashmere VS Woolen Cashmere
Due to the difference in the production process, cashmere yarn is divided into woolen and worsted cashmere. The woolen count is relatively low, generally from 14 to 32, while worsted spinning is from 28 to 120.
Worsted cashmere is smoother and denser than the woolen one, and it tends to drape well and be much more lustrous. Even though it looks thinner, it has better warmth retention.
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High-Standard Raw Material
The particularity of the worsted spinning process requires that the raw cashmere must be of higher quality than the usual standard. The cashmere on the shoulder and body side of the goat born from February to April of the year before is a recognized source of high-quality cashmere. The average fineness is below 14.5um, and the length is above 36mm. To make a worsted cashmere knit sweater, it needs cashmere from at least 15 goats.
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Exquisite Craftsmanship
There's a combing process to obtain higher fiber strength and more elastic yarn when producing worsted cashmere. This process removes all the shorter-length hairs, leaving fibers of the same length and free from tangles. Combing is a crucial process to divide the worsted cashmere and the regular cashmere, and it's more time-consuming and labor-intensive.