"I have very sensitive skin, so I'm afraid of getting allergic to colorants."

- Jane, a customer of LILYSILK.

Caring for customers and willing to try everything to fulfill their needs is our belief and motivation at LILYSILK.

So, we told ourselves: We had to find a solution for Jane. Throughout years of researches and explorations continuously. WE MADE IT.

Why 'Gold-Silk' ?

Less Artificial, More Beneficial.

Generated from Golden Cocoons produced by offsprings of Muga silkworms and their variants found in Japan, Cambodia, and China.

With the stunning golden-ish color, instead of being a human creation, Golden Cocoon is surprisingly creat by mother nature.

Limited First Release Worldwide.

After an unremitting researching last Years, LILYSILK finally found what we call "Gold-silk" grade cocoons that contain 849 meters long of naturally golden silk and being certified as Grade 6A

From Nature, Stay Natural.

The "Gold-Silk" silkworms living effortlessly in their habitats located in the areas near upper Yangtze River where is humid and warm, full of pure natural mulberry leaves, perfect places for these little creatures.

Why the ‘Stay-Safe Kit’ ?

To adopts a healthy lifestyle and stay safe.

- Face mask: Add a layer of natural silk underneath the professional protection mask to avoid wrinkles and damages to your skin.

- Pillowcase: Cannot get a hair treatment during the quarantine? Get your hair nutritionlized during sleep.

- Eye mask: Take a sweet snap at lunch break with touches of nature.

- Cocoons: Born golden, a precious gift of nature.


* Sale only last for 7 days!