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LILYHERB™ Antibacterial Mint Silk Pillowcase

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  • 27 Momme Charmeuse Silk: Glossy, Smooth, Soft
  • 40% Silk + 60% Viscose
  • LILYHERB™: Natural Plant Extracts, Minty Aroma
  • Designed For Beauty
  • Thread Count: 400
  • Color: Green
  • Closure: Hidden Zipper from YKK® (The world’s largest and high-quality zipper business.)
  • Built-in Compartment: Sealed With Zipper
  • The Default Price Is For One Pillowcase Only
"I Have Sleeping Difficulty. I Always Wake up Feeling Exhausted, and Sleepy During the Day."
-Ayala, a customer who has been LILYSILK's fan for many years. We often hear the same word from other customers.
Do You Have These Problems Too?
Do You Have These
Problems Too?
Take a long time to fall asleep everyday?
Itchy skin causing you to lose sleep at night?
Skin gets flammed and irritative easily?
Caring for Customers and Doing All We Can to Meet Their Needs Is What Drives Us at LILYSILK.
So we asked ourselves: what can we do for people like this? After numerous trials, we finally developed a solution in the form of antibacterial mint silk - LILYHERB™.
Soothing Silk for Relaxation
A Calming Blend for a Soft Slumber
An appropriate amount of peppermint extract can help perspire and dissipate body heat. Hence pillowcase containing peppermint extract is good for sleep.
Plant-Derived Antibacterial Source Certified by USPTO
Containing a plant-derived antibacterial source certified by USPTO, this pillowcase has an antibacterial effect on a wide range of bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus (the leading cause of skin and soft tissue infections such as abscesses), Escherichia coli, Salmonella typhi, etc.
Anti-Inflammatory, and Soothing Effect
Herbal ingredients like natural peppermint have anti-inflammatory and soothing effects and are beneficial to people with sensitive skin.
We Never Stop Innovating
LILYSILK has been researched and produced for many years
NEW Portable LILYSILK Beauty and Skincare Routine
The built-in compartment makes this pillowcase easy to pack when traveling.
“ I love my LilySilk pillowcases!
They are so smooth and cool against my skin. I fall asleep faster now. My skin and hair are more moisturized and healthier looking since switching to the silk pillowcases!
The beauty level-up is an added benefit of sleeping on Mulberry silk pillowcases! I love it! “
MISS Nikko****
“ Recently purchased my first silk pillow case, purely for the alleged hair and beauty benefits related to silk.
First night I used both the pillow case and eye mask, might have been one of the best night's sleep I have gotten in a very long time. The silk was so soft and mildly refreshing, my head did not over heat as it normally does with regular cotton cases.
But I guess that depends on individual body temps. In fact, I slept right through the entire night. “
MISS West****
“ My new founded beauty secret:
I discovered the silk pillowcases really give you beautiful silky hair - saves time on styling. I will be ordering a further 2 for my daughters. Delivery and communication is very good and always helpful.
Also thinking of purchasing one for my Grandaughter who suffers bad with excema“
MISS Diaz****
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