Lilypoints FAQ

What is Lilypoints (LP)?

Lilypoints is part of Lilysilk's newest Customer Reward Program (CRP) that is aimed at providing real, tangible monetary benefits to our existing customers. Lilypoints are usable on every purchase you make on, with an exchange rate of 100 points = USD$1.00

How can I spend Lilypoints?

Lilypoints are usable on every purchase you make on When you checkout, you will be given an option to enter the amount of points you wish to redeem. The redeemed amount will be applied to the total of your current purchase instantly. Lilypoints earned on a purchase cannot be used for the same purchase, but will be usable for later purchases.

How can I get Lilypoints?

1. Normally, you will be rewarded 1 Lilypoint for every US dollar spent on Certain promotional events will offer multiple Lilypoints for every US dollar spent, or even offer direct reward points to your account.

2. Get Lilypoints by participating our Free Gift Draw Event(See details at

3. You will get 50 Lilypoints when sharing Lilysilk's products through SNS account within 24 hours,no matter how many times you share.

4. Get correspondent amount of Lilypoints by sending us reviews. (See details at
Videos Reviews --3000 Lilypoints
Photos Reviews - 800 or 1000 Lilypoints
Blog Reviews - 2000 Lilypoints
Trustpilot Reviews - 500 Lilypoints

How do I check how many Lilypoints I have?

You can check the amount of your accumulated Lilypoints and your point spending history in the Account Management section when you log into our website, under the Lilypoints tab.

Do Lilypoints expire?

Lilypoints do not expire. Once earned, they will always be on your account. However, accumulation and redeeming policies may change over time.

Can I pass my points to others?

Currently you are not allowed to pass your points to others.

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