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LILYSOFT™ Ultra Soft Non-Colorants Silk Pillowcase

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  • 19 Momme Charmeuse Silk: Glossy, Smooth, Soft
  • LILYSOFT™: Softer and More Elastic Than Common Silk
  • Designed For Beauty
  • Thread Count: 400
  • Closure: Hidden Zipper from YKK® (The world’s largest and high-quality zipper business.)
  • Built-in Compartment: Sealed With Zipper
  • The Default Price Is For One Pillowcase Only
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"I Was Annoyed by Skin Chafing for a Long Time, and I Suffered From Raw, Red, or Irritated Skin."
-lvina, a customer who has been LILYSILK's fan for many years. We often hear the same word from other customers.
Do You Have These Problems Too?
Do You Have These
Problems Too?
Plagued by sensitive skin? Sensitive to irritant colorants?
Tired of messy bedhead in the morning?
Skin gets dry and raw easily?
Caring for Customers and Doing All We Can to Meet Their Needs Is What Drives Us at LILYSILK.
So we asked ourselves: what can we do for people like this? After numerous trials, we finally developed a solution in the form of the softest silk - LILYSOFT™.
The Softest Silk for Smooth Complexions
It’s Scientifically Certified Undyed Silk
For people sensitive to irritant colorants, undyed natural fiber undoubtedly would be their best choice.
The Last Step of Your Evening Skincare Routine
It contains 18 acids beneficial to the skin. Rich in hydrophilic groups like amino, and because of the fabrics’ porosity, it is easy for water molecules to diffuse, making a moist environment for the skin.
The Softest Silk for Smooth Complexions
This product is softer than ordinary silk. With better elasticity, it wraps the skin with the least friction, giving people the most comfort.
We Never Stop Innovating
LILYSILK has been researched and produced for many years
NEW Portable LILYSILK Beauty and Skincare Routine
The built-in compartment makes this pillowcase easy to pack when traveling.
“ Delivered very quickly to me.
Packaging excellent. After sleeping on my pillowcase for about 1 week, I already see a great improvement in my skin tone, and I love the envelope pocket rather than zipper closure. The pillowcase is cooler. It makes some fabric noise when I'm getting settled but I am sleeping very well with it.
I suffer terribly with horrid migraines the black silk eye masks are just what the droctor ordered. Next time I will order the highest grade silk. “
“ I would and most certainly do mention this company to friends etc.
I love their products, especially the pillow slips for the reasons as I toss and turn a lot thru the night and it doesn't wreck your hair or your skin. In fact the pillows are a 'beauty treatment' for your hair and your skin. You would be wishing why you hadn't been told about this years earlier. I'm lucky I'm 58 plus and I've been using the silk pillows since a hair dresser put me on to them when I was 15 years old. I just can't sleep on anything else now.
I suffer terribly with horrid migraines the black silk eye masks are just what the droctor ordered. They keep keep the lite out and make your eyes feel amazing “
“ I LOVE my new lilysilk 100% silk pillowcases:
they are cool and smooth on my skin, my curly hair isn't smashed in the a.m., and pet hair doesn't stick to them. They do have to be handwashed and air dried. They are also half the price of the silk pillowcases sold at a high end dept. store when i compared prices online.
Great gift idea for beauty product addicts.“
MISS Elvina****
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