An Introduction to Lilysilk's Charity Program

Lilysilk was originally founded two goals in mind: the goal to bring silky comfort to the world at affordable prices, and the goal to improve the standard of living for silk farmer and workers. In the 4 years since our founding, we have come a long way in realizing these two goals. However, we feel that, as we have become more prosperous, there is a heavier social responsibility that we, as a successful (albeit still small) business organization should shoulder. This is why we have designed our charity program in order to better give back to the society that fed and nourished us.

Victory Outreach Women's Christian Recovery Home, Pomona, CA

Victory Outreach Pomona Recovery Homes are a faith-based one-year program that provides an individual with the opportunity to break the cycle of addiction with the promise of God’s Word of a new life in Christ.

Since the year of 2018, we have donated various products ranging from silk comforters, pillows, and blankets, to provide a better living condition for the ones who are trying to embark on a new life. To let them know that we care about them and God loves them despite the mistakes they made as a human.

Goodwill Southern California Donation Project

Since 1916, Goodwill Southern California’s mission has been to transform lives through the power of work. They serve individuals with disabilities and disadvantages, as well as businesses, by providing education, training, work experience, and job placement services.

While, we are very pleasured to have this opportunity to donate a few silk linens and clothes for their effort in helping people, as we are not just a store selling better silk, but also a business promoting better lives.

Free Lunch for Children in China

"Free Lunch for Children", the Weibo campaign initiated by DENG Fei-Editorial Board Member + Director of Reporting Center, Phoenix Weekly, aim to provide free lunch for school children in the poor areas through online crowd-sourcing.

China Song Ching Ling Foundation- "Loving Dictionary" Donation Project

In China, primary school students from second grade above are required by state teaching curriculum to have their own dictionary. However, some students from rural areas, especially those in Guangxi province, experience great difficulties in studying since they are unable to acquire quality dictionaries due to personal financial issues and rampant piracy problems. Media reports on this situation have garnered the attention of various groups of people and prompted selfless donations from across the country.

In order to provide a better channel for those who wish to donate towards this cause, China Song Ching Ling Foundation has created the Primary Students Dictionary Fund. All donations made to this fund shall be used solely for the purpose of purchasing Xinhua dictionaries and the subsequent distribution to primary schools that are in need of such assistance.

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