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silk beauty cocoons

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Silk Beauty Cocoons

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An ancient Chinese beauty secret passed down through the ages; massage your face with 100% genuine mulberry silk cocoons, and feel the silk gently nourishes and moisturizes your skin.

  • 24 healthy beauty cocoons per pack

  • One cocoon can be used for 2 times

  • Each cocoon weighs about 0.3 gram and about 7.2 gram per pack.

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Lilysilk pure beauty silk cocoons are now online. Silk cocoon is a compound found in many anti-ageing creams, containing the protein sericin.

Silk cocoons can help promote an active metabolism, nourish the skin to leave it feeling comfortable, supple and radiant. It is especially effective on pores around the oily T-zone of nose and forehead. One cocoon can be used for 2 times.

Just hold a cocoon gently in your fingertips. Soak it with warm water or your toner and apply with gentle massage.

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Customer Reviews (9)
Wonderful quality
Great buy for the price, first time purchase, order arrived on time great quality and customer service. Will definitely be making future purchases. Review by Cindy Robinson (Posted on 1/21/2019)
Love it so much
Nice beauty cocoons and efficient service. No problems at all - it arrived on time Review by jennifer castledine (Posted on 1/20/2019)
Great experience
Great service and silk beauty cocoons in perfect quality, loved it! Review by Chris Morrison (Posted on 1/10/2019)

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