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Benefits to Your Skin
Benefits to Your Hair
Advancing Your Sleep
Natural Traits of Silk
Silk is naturally hypoallergenic. As a natural fiber emitted by silkworms, it mainly consists of two proteins, sericin and fibroin. Sericin is naturally infection resistant, so it can keep away dust mites, mold, bacteria, and other common allergens.
Silk is also free of any potential irritating chemicals and toxicants, so it can be worn safely even for people with sensitive skin. It's no risk of causing eczema flare-up, skin rashes or dreaded stuffy nose that allergy sufferers cannot be more familiar with. BTW, most silk we use is OEKO-TEX certified.
Silk is sought after by many not only because of its inborn traits that benefit the human body, but also because of its physical features. It's very smooth and soft to the touch, super gentle on the body and is called the second skin of the human body. It's pretty skin-friendly that it can be worn safely and comfortably by kids, people with sensitive skin or in special needs after surgery, let alone common people.
Research into the cosmetic applications of silk has shown that sleeping on silk pillowcases can actually prevent or decrease the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. The natural cellular albumen in silk can help to speed up the metabolism of skin cells, making them replenish at a faster rate, which in turn leads to healthier plumper skin. Silk can also help with hydration as it is rich in hydrophilic groups like amino groups. Sleeping in silk overnight, and you'll effortlessly enjoy a beauty 'spa'.
According to beauty experts and longtime silk users, silk fabric can help keep your hair soft, moisturized, and free of pesky tangles. This is mainly because of silk's two key traits. Silk is smooth and has least friction force to the skin among all fibers, which is 7.4% only. So your hair won't frizz sleeping on silk.
The natural silk fiber is very soft and smooth to the touch; hence it's very comfortable and easy to relax your body when sleeping on silk pillowcases or sheets. Moreover, thanks to silk's breathable and insulating features, it's always cool and won't get overheated when sleeping on silk. The truth is, silk actually improves your sleep quality with all its traits, and we all know how important it is to have a good night's sleep.
Queen of Fibers
Silk is a natural protein fiber extracted from the substance secreted by silkworms after lots of handling and processing. It is a fiber closest to our skin and contains 18 amino acids beneficial to the human body. The laborious processing and inborn advantages brought silk the reputation of queen of fibers.
There are various kinds of silk secreted by different silkworms, among which mulberry silk from silkworms that eat mulberry leaves only is the finest one available as it's long fibers with good elasticity.
Study has shown that silk possesses certain traits such as its naturally hydrophobic nature and its inherent antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. The use of commercially available fabrics for improvised face coverings has also shown that silk possesses some capacity as an antimicrobial barrier when used alone for the fabrication of face coverings.
Breathable/Thermal Regulating
Silk is a very breathable fabric making heat escape through it, and because of its insulating characteristics, you will get a constant stream of fresh air in without having to worry about feeling cold. It's like having a natural thermostat embedded in this luxurious fabric making it the best all-season textile, which is especially ideal for women undergoing menopause and suffering from nightly hot flashes.
Silk fabric is quite lightweight compared with other fabrics. Duvets filled with silk floss weight for a mere fraction of a feather/down filled duvet of the same heat-insulating capabilities. Due to the innate heat insulating properties of silk and the thermal preserving structure of the floss sheets, you don’t have to “fight” with your duvet when you want to stretch or turn in your bed. Of course, lighter weight helps with a variety of health issues such as blood circulation and arthritis.
Durable/Long Lasting
Silk fibers are one of the strongest natural textile fibers in the world, and our silk is made from especially high quality silk fibers with a denser weave up to 750 TCI (threads per inch), meaning the resulting fabric can be very strong, able to withstand most accidental damage with ease (and we obviously do not encourage any non-accidental damage to be done to our silk).
Most silk products on the market are made of silk less than 19 momme (the unit to measure the density of silk fabrics, the higher the momme, more durable the silk fabric is), while most of our products are ranged from 19~25 momme.