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What Is TerraCycle®?
TerraCycle® is a social enterprise Eliminating the idea of waste.
They work with some leading companies of the world to take hard-to-recycle materials and turn them into new products.
They collect and recycle everything from LILYSILK to make these wastes reusable.
Why We Launched
This Program?
The fashion industry is the second-largest polluter in the world after the oil industry. It is the second-largest consumer of the world's water supply, accounting for 10% of global carbon emissions and polluting the oceans with microplastics.
At LILYSILK, we believe that zero waste can make a difference, so we partner with TerraCycle® to create a no-waste recycling program.
Change doesn't happen overnight, but we will do our best to start small and gradually move towards more significant changes.
What Can You Send To TerraCycle®?
You can send LILYSILK textiles including BEDDING, APPAREL, AND SLEEPWEAR made from silk and cashmere to TerraCycle® for reuse.
What Will You Get From
This Process?
You will gain 100 TERRACYCLE® POINTS for every 1 pound of shipment you send, which can be redeemed for charitable donations. At the same time, you will earn 100 LILYSILK POINT for every shipment that you can use to purchase on
How It Works?
It's simple and totally free. Follow the steps and send your wastes to TerraCycle® to recycle them into new materials.
Collect your LILYSILK texiles, including bedding, apparel, and sleepwear made from silk and cashmere.
Log into your account to download, or create the pre-paid return label directly on the right and print it out. Note: you may not get TerraCycle® points without logging into the account.
Seal up your collection box and paste the printed shipping label onto it.
1. Can I send waste products from other brands to TerraCycle®?
No. This recycling program is brand-specific, which means you can only recycle waste products of LILYSILK.
2. Can I send wastes to TerraCycle® if I'm not in the United States?
Currently, the program is only available for customers located in the United States.
3. Does my shipment have to weigh a certain amount before I can send it?
Your shipment can be any weight, but we encourage you to ship when your box is full to ensure efficiency and reduce the environmental impacts of transportation for this program.
4. How do I get LILYSILK points after sending my shipment?
To add LILYSILK points, you need to have a LILYSILK account. If you don't have one yet, create one now! LILYSILK customers will receive 100 LILYSILK points each month your shipment is processed by TerraCycle. TerraCycle account email address must match your LILYSILK purchase email. Points will be rewarded up to 45 days after TerraCycle receipt. Email an expert at customer service via support@​lilysilk.​zendesk.​com or call +1 909-861-1680 if you have not received your rewards within the timeframe.