A More Rewarding Way To Shop
Silk Club Rewards is free to join and gives you access to exclusive perks when you shop at LILYSILK.
Join the club today and receive 500 free points worth $5.
  • sale

    Early sale access

  • rili

    Club members Day

  • discount

    Member special pricing

  • baoyou

    Free shipping

  • dazhequan

    Exclusive sales & events

  • shengrijiangjin

    Birthday bonus

Tiers and Benefits
Unlock more benefits, every time you spend.
Tier requirements* based on 12 month spend $0 - $299 $300-$599 $600+
Reward points per $1 spent* 1 2 3
Sign-up bonus 500 500 500
Early sale access yes yes yes
Birthday bonus 800 1500 2500
Exclusive sales & events yes yes yes
Level-up bonus 1000 2000
Club members' day yes yes
Member special pricing yes
Free shipping yes
Easy return & exchange45 Days 60 Days 60 Days
*See details below
Ways To Earn More Points
  • create-an-account

    Create an account to receive 500 points

  • shopping

    Earn up to 3 points per $1 spent

  • birthday

    Up to 2500 points birthday bonus

  • level

    Up to 2000 points level-up bonus

  • video

    800 points when you share a video

    Post a 20-40 seconds video and share your experience of using your LILYSILK products on any social media site (Facebook, Youtube, Ins, Twitter, etc.) or any blog you have and send us a link to represent@lilysilk.com
  • sharing

    500 points when you share a photo

    Post 1 or more clearly visible photos of Lilysilk products on any social media network sites (Facebook, Ins, Twitter, etc) with #ILoveLilysilk added to your content and send us a link to represent@lilysilk.com
Silk Club Member's Day
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  • What is Silk Club Rewards?

    Silk Club Rewards is a loyalty program that rewards you for shopping with us. You can earn points every time you shop, which can be spent on future purchases.
  • How do I become a Silk Club Member?

    Customers who have a LILYSILK account are automatically enrolled into the Silk Club Rewards scheme, which is free to join.
  • How is the tier determined?

    A tier is determined based on your overall spend within 12 months. Please note that the overall spend does not include redeemed rewards, discounts, returns, and other deductions applied on valid purchases made in the previous 365 days.
  • How do I check my tier and points balance?

    You can sign into your account and click the ‘Silk Club Rewards’ tab to check your status.
  • How do I partipate in Club Members' Day?

    Club Member's Day is on the 19th of each month. If you are subscribed to our newsletter, we usually send an invitation via email. Make sure you subscribe, so you don't miss out!
  • What is reward points and how to use reward points?

    There are three types of Silk Club Reward points, each of which is dependent on your tier. You can redeem your LILYSILK point at the checkout of every purchase; these points can be applied to future purchases to get a discount. 100 points = USD$1

    1. Proceed to checkout through your Shopping Cart.

    2. Enter the amount of LILYSILK Points you wish to apply.

    3. After applying your points, the Order Summary will show the amount deducted with your reward points from the total.

  • What are the terms for earning and using Silk Club reward points?

    1. Points can only be added to registered account holders.
    2. To gain extra points, you can share one review or post a photo on your social media with a public account. Once we verify these, we will add the LILYSILK points to your account within a couple of days.
    3. The maximum points each account holder can earn is 1000 points (excluding the amount earned on previous orders)
    4. Birthday Bonus Points will only be rewarded to customers who have filled in their date of birth in the profile information.
    5. LILYSILK reserves the right to amend the rules of the Rewards Points at any time.