Why Lilysilk

Unsurpassed Value

If the price is the same, our products are better. If the quality is the same, our products are more affordable. We simply offer the most value out of our products compared to our competitors.

Great Customer Service

We genuinely want you to enjoy our silk, and our customer service team is built around this purpose. Prompt and effective, you will always leave satisfied.

Test, Test, Test

We pride ourselves on our silk, and the pride comes from the attitude with which we treat our products. We test our silk on every single little criterion to make sure they are exactly what you would expect of “100% pure and natural long strand Mulberry silk” - and then, we test them once more.

Incredible Color Selection

Our silk bed linens are available in gold, white, chocolate, blue, lilac, silvergray, royal blue, pale turquoise, violet, coffee and many more colors - choosing your desired color for your bedroom has never been easier. And if you didn't find what you are looking for? Give us a shout and we will see what we can do for you.

Detailed Pictures

We have gone to great lengths to ensure that the graphic descriptions of our products consist of nothing but accurate images that represent exactly how our products look, and soon we will have videos that cover our products in even more details so that you will always have a good idea of what you are getting prior to any purchases.


All of our silk duvets/silk comforter are filled with 100% natural long-fibre silk. No harmful chemicals or artificial colorants have been used at any point during their manufacture. We promise that our products only use Grade A pure Mulberry silk, with absolutely no offcuts, no factory seconds, no silk from mixed sources.


We want you to enjoy great silk, but we also want the silk farmers and workers to be rewarded justly for their great work. We only purchase from family-run operations directly and not through wholesalers, ensuring silk farmers are paid a fair price for their silk. Our factories comply with all the labor standards of China and their salaries are in league with mid-level white collar class in bigger cities, a feat that our competitors cannot and will not do.


World-wide express delivery with one of the most reliable carrier in the world, order today and receive your item in a maximum of 3-4 days - all with absolutely no charge!

All our products are texted, inspected and certified by international certification authorities:

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