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Soft Silk Medium Scrunchie

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  • 100% Pure Silk Fabric, Light as feather & Smooth as latte
  • Relaxed Fit
  • Size: 3.94"-8.66" (10-22cm)
  • You can refer to our FAQs to learn about the ways of identifying silk fabric authenticity.
It Looks Good On You
See how our customers styled this in real life.
Looks Good On You
A Never-Go-Wrong Silk Gift For Girls
Why So Many People Love It
Regular Scrunchies
Silk Scrunchies

Common scrunchies can always leave dents on hairs and make them deform.

Silk scrunchies are soft and smooth, and they would leave no dents on hair.

Common scrunchies tend to tangle easily and will make hairs snag or knot.

Silk scrunchies are pretty smooth and have no friction that makes hairs breakage or knot.

The Benefits of Mulberry Silk
Silk is a protein fiber extracted from the substance secreted by silkworms after lots of handling and processing. It is a fiber closest to our skin and contains 18 amino acids beneficial to the human body. The laborious processing and inborn advantages brought silk the reputation of queen of fibers.
As the queen of fibers, silk contains 18 amino acids beneficial to the human body.
18 Beneficial Amino Acids
Naturally Hypoallergenic
Moisture Wicking
OEKO-TEX® Certified -Free of Harmful Chemicals
Skin-Friendly and Breathable
Washable = Save on Dry Cleaning
Why 2,000,000+ People Choose LILYSILK
At LILYSILK, we believe that fibers grown from nature are perfect the way they are. We use great care in the silk manufacturing process to bring you ultimate comfort.
The Finest 100% Pure Mulberry Silk
* Collected from premium silkworms.
The Highest Grade 6A Long Silk Fibers
*Only 5% silk in the world meets this grade 6A standard.
The Softest 19-25 Momme Silk
The greater the momme count (mm), the higher the density and quality of silk.
The Safest OEKO-TEX® Certificated
Eco-friendly and non-toxic, Only pure color silk fibers are OEKO certified.
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