100% Grade 6A Mulberry Silk

    OEKO Certified - Non-toxic Dyes

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    Sleepwear In Public

    It’s not easy, to be an independent woman, those days. With the dilemma of keeping a balance between home and work.

    So, why don’t you treat yourself with quality clothes and be free to choose what you wear? Pajamas, Outerwear, whatever. People will stare.

    let them! I just know that it feels GOOD to layer a piece of silky night shirt under my coarse-grained coat.

    Oversize Pure Silk Night Shirts, Smooth as baby Skin V-shape Neck Line with Button-up in Front Left-chest Pocket, functional & aesthetic

    Sleepwear In Public

    Luxurious Pure Silk Night Shirts, Drapes perfectly over your body; V-Neck Stand Collar with buttons in front ; Super soft and hypoallergenic, huge skin care benefits

    This silk night shirt is way too cool to only wear at home. Pair it with a piece of jeans or a pencil skirt, plus a simple pair of pumps; you can be a neat and clean look.

    Sleepwear In Public

    It is such a blend of comfort and style, with 100% silk material and classic design. At night, you can completely enjoy the luxuriously comfort of pure silk, at daytime, just wear it as a blouse, matching with a piece of trousers, a pair of statement flat or high heel, your daily outfit completes!

    People always say that fashion is a vanity. It is a show-off, at the cost of comfort. I doubt it. Because you can easily find so many pieces that combine style and comfort. For instance, this iconic silk pajamas newly landed on our site.

    Sleepwear In Public

    Recently, building a capsule wardrobe is trending now. We believe that this ultra-light silk camisole, whether worn alone, layered, or matched, is a perfect wardrobe must-have. It is going to be your best companion, at home, office and on the go.

    It is silky and smooth; It is super soft and comfortable; Grab one for the upcoming sweaty days!

    Sleepwear In Public

    Nothing looks quite so sexy while offering luxurious comfort as a silk nightgown.

    A must-have staple for your nightwear wardrobe, and also a trend to wear in public.

    Pair it with a classic shirt inside gives you a special glamour style. Wear it with a luxurious duster coat and a pair of Leopard pumps for a comfy yet chic date look.

    Sleepwear In Public

    Silk nightgown is a versatile piece when it comes to mix and match. Wear it alone or layer it with the coat, sweater, tops, etc. Dress to impress.

    It’s all about feminine allure. This silk night dress is perfect for those who desires for elegance and comfort. The ultra-comfortable material of silk and the sophisticated cutting makes it ideal to showcase your feminine figure, with elegant appeal.

    Sleepwear In Public

    Elegance is a refusal. In style, we insist that say NO to those fabrics making you uncomfortable; say goodbye to those garments without sophisticated tailoring;

    Go for silk, pajamas, nightgowns, or outerwear, enjoy the luxurious feeling and overwhelming softness it brings to you.

    More importantly, they are easy to match with anything. For instance, this silk night gown goes with a coat, a shirt, a blouse, even a pair of flats.

    Fashion bloggers have preferred the long silk nightgown. This style lets you easily stand out which goes with from casual to dressy

    Sleepwear In Public

    It is always better to be slightly under-dressed. We say it's high time you let beautiful silk sleepwear made from the 100% pure silk embrace your body. Sleepwear with classic design will also put a beam of confidence in your step.

    It'll have you feel all bold, defiant and luxurious at once, the minute you put it on. Just add one piece to your wardrobe, believe me, it is a worthy investment.

    Sleepwear In Public

    Silk pajamas, a classic bag and a pair of flattering pumps, are all I need for a street style.

    The journey of a thousand pieces begins with one single statement. THIS IS.

    Fit, cut, and color set the tone of the conversation. Then, why don’t you buy a piece of art that makes you look good and feel good?

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