silk filled mattress topper

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Silk Filled Mattress Topper

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Our silk mattress toppers are made from 100% Grade A silk.

  • Case Fabric: High quality 350 TCI sateen cotton.

  • Filling: 100% pure and natural long strand silk floss.

Case Fabric: High quality 350 TCI sateen cotton.

Filling: 100% pure and natural long strand silk floss.

Shell Colours Available: White.

Care Instructions:

- Spot clean with lukewarm water recommended.

- Hang dry if possible, however avoid direct sunlight exposure.

- Air to freshen every two-three months.

- If in need of thorough cleaning, consult an experienced local dry cleaning service before proceeding with dry cleaning. Avoid machine wash if possible.

- Keep out of touch of pets/sharp objects.

Similar to Lily silk duvets, each of our silk filled mattress toppers is hand filled layer by layer with 100% naturally long silk floss and being cased in a 350 thread-count pure soft cotton sateen exterior, enabling the topper to breathe against your skin. Elastic all the way around the opening to hold the sheet under the mattress. It is compacted like a sleep pad and is made to fit exactly on the top of the mattress for tidy fitting. We exam the filling to the covering so you will never need bother with cold spots or shakedown.

The topper not only offers defense against dust mites but also a supreme relaxation. It is great for Sensitive Person, because silk is naturally hypo-allergenic so it is great for allergy sufferers like hay fever, and is also beneficial to those who suffer aches and pains when sleeping.

Make your bedroom in a perfect order with lilysilk silk filled mattress topper. Buy health and comfort for the one you love is better than anything else. Isn't it?

Sizes Chart

Size (cm)Total Weight (kg)
Single91 x 191 + 40cm1 kg
Super Single107 x 191 + 40cm1 kg
Queen152 x 191 + 40cm1.25 kg
King183 x 191 + 40cm1.5 kg

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-Spot clean with lukewarm water

-Hang dry after spot-cleaned

-If in need of thorough cleaning, use professional dry clean only

-Air in Well-Circulated Areas 2~3 Times Every Month

-Keep out of touch of pets/sharp objects

-Store in A Cool, Dry Place

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Customer Reviews (24)
I recommend the seller
Excellent seller, she delivered a very good product, light, warm and top quality comforter. The package arrived on time and very well presented. Review by Maria N. Papp (Posted on 11/8/2016)
Fast shipping, decent duvet
Great product, great price and great service. I will definitely order again. Review by Anthony (Posted on 2/13/2016)
I wanted to buy a good mattress for my little daughter, and had been looking aroung for quite a while. Lilysilk had this mattress which caught my eyes. its brill. We already had them for our two double beds, and its the same but small version. its soft and safe and comfy and all. Review by Barbara (Posted on 4/10/2015)

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Silk Comforter FAQs?

What are the difference of summer and all-season weight Comforter?

Firstly, the difference between the summer Comforterand all season one lies in weight and thickness. Summer Comforter is lighter and thinner than all season one, suitable for summer days. All season Comforter is more suitable for fall and winter.

How to choose suitable Comforter? Summer weight or all season one?

Temperature is the key factor. Here is a general guideline. For a bedroom at 68F/20C, a queen size Comforter weighing approximately 0.9-1kg/2lb should best suit your needs. With every 3C/6F degree decrease, add 0.3-0.5kg/0.6-0.9lb to the weight of the Comforter . So if you are expecting to sleep in a bedroom with a temperature of 14C/57F in the fall/winter season, the Comforter should weigh approximately 1.5-2kg/3-4lb. Of course, this is just a rough estimate and only used as a reference.

How to fixate a Comforter to Comforter cover?

There is one loop on each corner of our Comforter and one tie at each corner on the inside of the Comforter cover so that you can fixate the Comforter to Comforter cover right.
Here is a video showing how to fixate Comforter to Comforter cover.

Does my Comforter needs washing and how to keep it fresh ?

Silk naturally repels dust, dirt, dust mites, moths, mildew and odours so many silk experts recommend not cleaning silk comforter at all. Do not hand wash or machine wash the comforter as this will flatten the silk loft and reduce its natural benefits. Just to air them regularly each season to keep them fresh in indirect sunlight for a few hours.

Does putting a comforter cover over a comforter make the comforter warmer?

Yes, but not that significantly. The purpose of comforter covers is two-fold: to protect the comforter from dust and other possible sources of pollution, as comforters are usually difficult, if not impossible, to wash, and to provide an aesthetically pleasing layer over the plain comforters to match with the rest of the bedroom decor. In the end, however, you should not rely on comforter covers for warmth.

Do I have to use covers with Lilysilk silk comforters?

Getting a good comforter cover can protect your silk comforters from becoming dirty and damaged, as silk comforter covers can be machine-washed. A good comforter cover also matches with the rest of the room decor and to enjoy the full benefits of the comforter, as comforter covers made from other materials will partly undermine the breathability, the lightweight and hypoallergenic nature of the silk comforter.

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